Donald Glover's 'Lion King' Suit Is Your Masterclass In 70s Style

This is 70s America.

Donald Glover's 'Lion King' Suit Is Your Masterclass In 70s Style

The 70s are back, baby. Well if only for one night thanks to Donald Glover’s latest appearance at ‘The Lion King’ premiere in Hollywood. And there’s a reason every man should pay close attention.

Glover stepped out in one hell of a 70s throwback suit by Gucci which featured double breasted detailing, bell bottom trousers, a knotted French dress shirt and a pair of single strap mahogany leather boots. Quite frankly, it’s like Glover walked out of a 70s fashion mag and straight onto today’s red carpet. And you have Alessandro Michele’s creative direction at Gucci to thank for that.

A closer look at the suit pattern shows off a bold cream and big red check patterning. Bar for Glover’s subtle necklace, minimal accessories like pocket squares, ties and watches are needed here as the suit itself is already a big throwback statement in one of the most laid back ways.

Nonetheless it’s good to he’s stepped it up from the days where he used to rock a suit without a shirt. If you’re after the Gucci number you’ll need to hold off for a bit before it becomes available via the Italian label’s international site.

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