Salting Your Food May Actually Give You ‘Optimal Hydration’

"Optimally, you would salt your food."

Salting Your Food May Actually Give You ‘Optimal Hydration’

Professional bodybuilder Stan Efferding claims that salt can boost hydration and can even get rid of ‘training headaches.’

Salt has a bad rep in the health world. Eating too much of it can contribute to serious problems, like high blood pressure. And many salty foods – like chips, mixed nuts and fast food – contribute to weight and body fat gain.

But salt is essential to hydration, according to Stan Efferding AKA The White Rhino. The professional bodybuilder recently spoke with Mike Mutzel for a Marek Health video and spoke about how salt boosts hydration.

Efferding also revealed that he actually advises his clients to add salt to their diet; but not in the way you think.

“Just taking a half a teaspoon of salt and putting it on your tongue, which is 1000 milligrams, and then washing it down with whatever drink you’re drinking… I’ve been having athletes do that, now, for some time and realising extraordinary benefits in terms of performance.”

Stan Efferding

WATCH: Stan Efferding talks about the benefits of adding salt to your diet…

Surprisingly, consuming sea salt before drinking or adding sea salt to water isn’t anything new. Many believe salt helps the body absorb water better; which is why actress and GOOP founder Gwyneth Paltrow adds salt to water before she drinks it, as does notable neuroscientist Dr Andrew Huberman.

But Efferding also claims that salt can not only boost hydration; it can also get rid of “training headaches.”

“I’ll have couples contact me regarding headaches, they’ll get those training headaches and that little bit of salt, and a few other of these minor little things, a little iodine, a little fruit; all of a sudden, they go to train, and the headaches are gone.”

Stan Efferding

Apologies for the following bad pun but, you may want to take Efferding’s advice with a grain of salt and consult with your GP before trying Efferding’s method. But hey, if you get the green light, hopefully, you’ll get these amazing benefits Efferding speaks of.

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