The Rock Has Gone Into The 'Mexican Fighting Water' Business

(Rock) salt, tequila, lime...

You know the drill: salt-lick, ethanol-sniff, queasy gulp, lime.

If Redbull gives you wings, tequila gives you twin-jets. Colloquially known as an instigator of bad decisions, heartfelt (yet sensation-less) hookups and barf-stained carpets world over, ‘liquid punch on’ has a reputation for being fun—but also a bit of a nuisance.

The Rock plans on making it even stronger. A TMZ report revealed that Johnson has filed paperwork to secure the rights to a new ‘Mana’ tequila brand. Mana, a Polynesian belief, is described by Johnson as a, “Disruptive positive energy always ready to dent the universe”. If that’s not tequila, nothing is.

It’s been reported that when it comes to booze on cheat days, Dwayne’s preferred spirit is tequila. And if you want to drink the star’s new brand of firewater (but are worried you’ll end a quivering mess) all the experts are saying the best way to prepare—mentally and physically—is with fruit loops.

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