The Rock & Mark Wahlberg’s Insane 2am Workout Trend Defies Reality

Early risers.

The Rock & Mark Wahlberg’s Insane 2am Workout Trend Defies Reality

An argument that feels as though it’s lasted as long as time itself is whether it’s best to workout in the morning or in the evening. Both have their pros and cons, with the former camp claiming it wakes them up and prepares them for the day, while those in the latter suggest working out in the evening is a great stress-reliever following a day at work.

Two of Hollywood’s leading strongmen – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Mark Wahlberg – appear to place themselves with the early rising contingent. However, for many, working out in the morning would mean hitting the weights between 5 – 6am before heading to work. That’s not the case for Dwayne and Mark, who recently took to Instagram in separate posts, showing their commitment to pumping iron at 2am.

Mad? Maybe. Beneficial? Almost certainly.

The Rock is no stranger to insane workouts and inspirational advice, and his recent post could provide some food for thought for those who believe you shouldn’t even consider getting out of bed until at least 9am.

“If you’re tired – I get it 100% it’s 2am my time – and I’m tired too, but we gotta fight thru that fatigue and start our week off on a positive uptick that gives us momentum for the rest of the week.”

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“Admittedly, I have a very healthy “obsession” with winning on Monday’s and always finish strong. Gives us an incredible, quiet psychological advantage to have a successful week.”

His words are of a similar vein to advice previously regaled by Joe Rogan, who has referred to an “inner bitch”. The inner voice in his head that tells him to stop, but one he has to mentally overcome in order to reap the rewards.

The Rock certainly has physical hurdles to overcome as seen in his video, with calluses the size of small mountains (although he claims them to be sexy), “Fight thru it, get your win on Monday – and calluses are sexy AF.” Although they pale in comparison to his previous workouts that have made him bleed.

Mark Wahlberg also spruiks the benefits of getting the ball rolling early. Looking visibly sweaty and exhausted, Mark says he got into the gym at “2.30am on a Monday” where he adopted the role of fitness coach, explaining his trainee completed “15,000 metres on the rower in 80 minutes”.

While he may have been training someone else in this instance, Mark is a regular early riser as YouTuber Laurie Shaw once found out when he attempted Mark’s insane workout regime. Usually one to wake up at 2.30am and to have had his first meal by 3.15, achieving a body of Mark’s stature (impressive, considering he’s approaching 50-years old) is one that requires incredible commitment.

Get up and get it.

Watch The Rock’s most epic workouts below.

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