How To Get Ripped By Doing (Almost) Nothing

Spending a day with the mother-in-law would be a harder task.

Build Muscle

Don’t ever stop creating progress. The secret is never to be content, to look for work, to actively hunt down the things that will progress you forward. Find that part of you who has to have more, to be more.

Been stuck in a rut lately and not seeing the physique goals you’re after?

Then it’s time to make some changes because what you have been doing isn’t working. Humans fear change, so if you give them too much at once, they tend to freak out and go right back to their comfort zones.

So small changes can be the key to lasting body results. Read and learn.

Break Old Habits

It’s time to call it quits

We all have them, but we just don’t like to admit we do, some emotionally eat chocolate, some binge on the weekends, some just can’t live without sugar hit a day; these are all habits we have developed and let our brains tell us they are ok to do.

The only way to change is to break the cycle and change your mindset towards these habits, they say it takes three weeks to kick a habit truly, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, I say.

Choose the one you know you need to change and go after it; you will be surprised how easy it is to give up.

Eat More…Healthy Fats

What nature intended

Swap red meat for some oily fish a couple of nights a week. Fish like salmon, trout, and mackerel are packed with healthy omega – 3 fats, which help dampen inflammation in the body and boost your memory and lower your body fat. Add avocado and peanut butter to everything you can.

Snack On Protein–Rich Foods

Chocolate proteiny balls

Swap your mid-morning muffin break go for something healthy that is high in protein like raw nuts, seeds, tuna tins, protein ball, peanut butter on a rice cake, or hummus and veggie sticks.

Snacking on protein-rich foods in-between meals is the best way to curb sugar cravings, and keep you satisfied until your next meal fills you up for longer. Your waistline will love you for it too.

Get Out Of The Training Plateau

Do you even lift, mate?

How long have you been going to the gym and doing the same exercises, same rep ranges, same weights?

Yes, you might follow a program for a few weeks or months but what’s a bet that you’ll eventually go back to what you know best – comfort. You can’t expect your body to change if you don’t challenge it.

Get yourself a structured training plan that’s progressively tailored towards your goals.

Change Your Morning Coffee Order

Big things come in small packages

How do you take your coffee each day? Your coffee choice can effect on the number of calories you consume each day.

If you are a latte drinker and like it large, each cup is giving you around 340 calories. A large cappuccino contains 207 calories.

The best way to lower your coffee calories is by ordering a smaller coffee, avoid adding flavoured syrups, sugars, and use a natural sweetener like stevia or even better go a short black.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Everyone’s guilty of this

One thing so many people do is skip breakfast. Might sound cliché but breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

By simply making sure you have something filling and healthy each morning like eggs, avocado and some spinach or a green protein smoothie, you will help prevent those common mid-morning energy drops and cravings for coffee and sweets.

Breakfast provides you with a good proportion of your daily nutrients and helps set you up for a day of healthier eating

Actually Have A Plan

Make effective small changes for drastic results

You won’t reach your life or body goals without a solid mission plan. Get your hands on a training and nutrition plan and set yourself a target and work towards it every god damn day until you smash it, then set the bar even higher.

Try implementing these small changes into your week and see your results sky rocket. It doesn’t always have to be a drastic change, sometimes the best and most lasting results come from here.

Discipline is where you will see yourself progressing, a trait the military instilled in us from day one. Don’t be lazy, take ownership and make the change today; no one’s going to do it for you.

Scott Evennett is a health, fitness and mindset expert who has served in the Australian Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) as an Australian Commando