5 Simple Ways To Get Over The Dreaded 3 p.m. Slump

Let’s face it, work is no man’s friend. The torturous act of sacrificing eight hours of your life (or more) a day can often take its toll on your body. This is especially true when arriving at the very bane of your toil – the dreaded 3 p.m. slump. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said something profound along the lines of: “Put the cookie down!”

Indeed, you should put the cookie down as there are ways to combat the mid-afternoon restlessness without another coffee. Listen up, you magnificent minions.

#1 Drop The Mouse & Step Away From The Screen

You heard right. Eye strain is a real thing and as simple as it may sound, most people who complain of the 3 p.m. slump completely ignore it. Tiredness stems from strained eyes so keep a good distance from your screen (arm’s length), remember to blink regularly and always have eye droplets ready.

#2 Avoid White Bread & Sugar

You know the drill. High sugar treats such as lollies, chocolates and soft drinks can raise your energy levels rapidly and then make you crash as your blood-sugar level regulates. The result is you’ll feel even more tired and letharfgic than when you started. Go for healthier options and if you need sugar, try natural coconut water or juice instead.

#3 Smaller Food Portions For A Slower Burn

It may be hard iof your work involves being on the move but if possible, try to break up your meals into smaller portions over the day’s duration. Three to four hours between small meals is all you’ll need to fight the mid-afternoon restlessness when the body’s glucose and energy levels naturally subside. Within the small meals, be sure to have a controlled portion of carbohydrates in there to provide energy without making you gain weight.

#4 Use Your Damn Legs

Legs are often the most neglected parts of the human body when sitting down on a chair for hours on end. Use them wisely to change your working environment in order to keep the brain ticking over. This works especially well if your office is open planned. If not, hit up the local cafe, the park or even the meeting room. The combination of blood circulation and a different environment should help you power through the rest of the day.

#5 Talk & Chew Gum (Not At The Same Time)

Chewing sugar-free gum can get your brain firing again as the motion gets blood flowing throughout your head. It’s a quick, easy and not too troublesome a task when you’re seriously under the pump. Be sure to avoid the bubble gum variety though as this stuff is packed full of sugar. When you’re done chewing, pop by to a colleague to say hi. the simple act of conversing can get the endorphins going and give other parts of it a much needed break.