Emirates Shower On Plane: Most Indulgent First Class Feature May Be Off Limits In 2021

When the onboard 'shower spas' – the ultimate indulgence – were introduced, first class passengers thought they had it made. As we come out of 2020, that may now be set to change...

Emirates Shower On Plane: Most Indulgent First Class Feature May Be Off Limits In 2021

2020 has ~disappeared~ more of life’s little luxuries than 2007 and 2008 put together. Whether or not that’s an exaggeration, it’s certainly how many traveller feel, with the bulk of the world’s passports currently sitting in drawers.

We’ve covered the changes business class passengers need to be ready for in 2021, which was was interesting, if mildly depressing, for the world’s hedonists. Now it’s time for the super pointy end of the plane to take their medicine: DMARGE recently interviewed Adele Eliseo, points hacker and publisher of The Champagne Mile, regarding she changes she sees coming to first class as we come out of these unprecedented times.

Her predictions? Airlines will limit (or remove) passengers’ access to any first class onboard lounges and showers for the immediate future.

“Once on the plane, personalised interaction will likely be limited, with cabin crew aiming to minimise exposure to passengers,” Adele relates.

“Onboard lounges and spaces such as the iconic business and first class bar onboard the Emirates A380 will likely be shuttered as airlines look to implement minimise interaction between passengers and crew.”

“With airlines looking to implement a range of new sanitation and hygiene measures, first class showers at 38,000 feet offered by the likes of Etihad and Emirates will likely be off the cards, too.”

DMARGE has reached out to Emirates for comment but at the time of publishing is yet to hear back.

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This comes amid other changes to snacks and meals: “When it comes to onboard dining, many airlines are already taking steps to minimise food handling. This will see a move towards tray-based service, even in first class, where a premium is placed on presentation,” Adele told DMARGE.

“The crippling effects of Covid-19 have also seen many airlines look to cut costs – at the pointy end of the plane, this might include cheaper wine, less illustrious ingredients and restricted meal service.”

Maybe, for the next few years, it will be preferable to just live vicariously…

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