‘Entitled’ Driver In Australian Surf Town Sparks Debate

If the carpark was quiet, it's fine though, right?

Australia is undergoing a sea change. And it’s not just the ocean that’s rising: Melbourne climate refugees and Sydney Range Rover drivers are coming up to towns like Seal Rocks, Crescent Head, Byron Bay and Noosa like there’s no tomorrow. In response, local residents are taking to social media to shame the supposedly increasing instances of “entitled” behaviour.

Case in point: the latest instalment of East Coast shaming: a photo of a driver at Lennox Head point carpark taking up one space with their car and another space with their awning. This image was chucked up on the Entitled In Lennox Head Instagram page on Tuesday.

All fine, or deserving of a massive parking fine? Image via Instagram (@entitled_in_lennoxhead)

The “VIP” image is almost so perfect as to have been staged. However given the wild antics we have seen in recent years, it wouldn’t surprise us if it was legitimate. The only thing you can say in the driver’s defence is that when the waves aren’t pumping, that car park can actually be quite quiet, and so their awning might not have bothered anyone other than the bored soul with a camera.

Many things can be said against the urban sprawl, however. And in other instances on the page, they very much were. It’s not the first time entitled behaviour has been snapped in the town of Lennox Head, with one particularly heinous trailer park reeling in the comments in December.

Beneath this image, commenters made such funnies as “a new record” “Christmas classic” and “my fucking god.” Another wrote: “Even here in the entitlement capital of Australia (Sydney’s eastern suburbs), I haven’t seen that one.”

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Not everyone was convinced though, with a light patter of debate being had over the idea that perhaps it was a deliberate “gee up.”

In other news, the page also seems to enjoy singling out out-of-town number plates, eeking out every last drop of the word entitled and referring to Byron Bay as “Far North Bondi.” It also enjoys keeping an eagle eye on wayward Range Rovers and Mercs (and there seem to be plenty of drivers willing to provide plenty of fodder) and providing residents with regular “wanker alerts.”

Commenters love getting in on the action, with one writing: “Wish I took a photo or vid of a black Merc 4wd yesterday, that actually drove up onto the ‘walkway’ along the front of the BP Service Station at West Ballina obviously trying to get through the maccas drive through crowd. ‘Peasants’ were blocking the way for the merc to turn out…. so just make your own rules yo!”

Another called for someone to “wax them fuckwits windscree[n].” Another commenter a while back, on another Internet blog wrote: “The carpark felt like a parable for the Byron housing market” claiming: “I was no shit squashed into my car park by 3 fuckers in Black SUV’s, I had one at both nose and tail and one on my wing waiting for me to move so he could gobble up my park, I felt both outraged and intimidated.”

“There’s still a lot of legends that live around here… but the fresh waves of nouveau rich are gobbling Byron up faster than it can rebirth itself.”

Unnecessarily divisive hyperbole or on the money? Only another 20 years will tell. In the meantime, it’s just another day in paradise…