This Artist Has Reimagined Classic Typewriters As Guns

Write words, not war.

Make words, not war. That’s the idea behind Canadian artist Eric Nado’s latest works which literally turns classic typewriters into guns.

The typewriters, whilst long retired from service, are already cool relics in their own respect but blowing them up and turning them into assault rifles is simply next level. The makes include a Royal, Underwood, Tippa, Rheinmetall, Remington, Brother and Lettera. Each one is meticulously broken down before being reformed in the orientation of a gun as art.

Look closely and you’ll notice key levers playing the part of magazines, rollers forming the barrel (and in some cases silencers) and typewriter bodies moonlighting as stocks. Most importantly though, every typewriter gun can be hung and displayed anywhere around the home with pieces currently available via Galerie C.O.A.