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Everlane’s Puffer Jacket Should Cost $360, But Only Costs $178

No compromise, no worries.

If you’ve been considering a puffer jacket you’ll have realised there are only two options. Black or navy. As I’m sure you’re aware, it’s a cardinal sin to wear navy and black together, but if you have to get one colour and have a wardrobe that has both black and navy in it, what do you get? Well, your best bet is probably to get whatever goes with what you wear most. But what if you’re the type of chap who doesn’t compromise? The solution is Everlane’s Reversible Puffer.

As the name suggests, it’s reversible and if you were reading the predicament I posed to you in the previous paragraph you’ve probably realised the reversible colours are black and navy. It’s the solution to all of your woes and means you’re getting two jackets in one. To make it even better, it’s made from 100% recycled nylon and is stuffed with 100% recycled down. Don’t worry it isn’t made in a sweatshop either; Everlane goes to and checks every factory they work with and employ strict ethical guidelines.

Typically you’d expect to pay somewhere in the region of $360 for a puffer like this, but Everlane is direct to consumer, meaning you’ll only pay $178 for it. It’s the no-compromise puffer that ticks every box – it’s even stylish.

Shop Everlane Reversible Puffer Jacket $178

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