Facebook Has A New Secret Weapon To Make You Adopt Dogs

Your dog filter just became your real best friend.


Novelty face filters on social media platforms are nothing new these days but when one actually attempts to trick a user into adopting an animal in need then it definitely deserves some accolades.

Pedigree, the brand which makes pet food, has teamed up with Facebook to implement a new feature into its ‘Masks” application which lets users test out different dog filters on their face.

With a shake of the head users can scroll through countless different canine face filters. Once they do find a dog filter they like and nod, a pop-up window appears showing the user the closest animal shelter housing your animal of choice. Mission complete.

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Whilst it may seem like good hearted fun at first, it’s no doubt a smart way to market a needy cause with the help of human impulse and emotion. The program itself forms part of Pedigree’s push for National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.

Think of it like Tinder but for dogs. Without the hook-up part. Because that’s called bestiality.