At DMARGE, we prioritise accuracy and integrity in our work. 

Dedicated to providing our readers with factual, well-researched, and unbiased content, our comprehensive fact-checking policy is designed to ensure that our content is both reliable and credible. 


Trusted Sources: The information that goes into our work is gathered from reliable sources, including publications we trust, peer-reviewed academic bodies, and expert input.

Source Validation: Every piece of information is carefully validated against its sources to confirm its accuracy and trustworthiness.


Cross-Checking: Our in-house team always cross-checks information to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Expert Verification: If our team can’t verify something of their own accord, data, facts and figures are verified by subject-matter experts.


Content Review: Our experienced editors scrutinize all content for factual accuracy, grammatical precision, and all-round adherence to our journalistic standards.

Headline Accuracy: Our headlines are accurate and rigorously vetted before publication. While we love an eye-catching headline, we do not deal in clickbait.


Context And Counterarguments: We always strive to make our content easy to understand and relevant to our readers. Our team strive to find the latest and most accurate information, complete with all the necessary details. We clarify technical terms and statistics where needed and always try to present a balanced view of any arguments and counterarguments on a given topic. 

Quick Corrections: From time to time, we make mistakes. Any errors are swiftly and transparently addressed. If you spot an error, we encourage you to reach out so we can investigate your claim and, where necessary, update our content. 

For any inquiries, corrections, or requests for updates, please contact [email protected]
Read our Editorial Policy in full here.