Family Hospitalised After Being Served Insect Repellent At Australian Restaurant


Family Hospitalised After Being Served Insect Repellent At Australian Restaurant

Image: 9News

A family was hospitalised after being served insect repellent instead of cranberry juice at a Perth restaurant.

From stealthy saltwater crocodiles to grizzly great white sharks, everyone knows that there’s plenty to be afraid of when it comes to Aussie wildlife. What you might be less alert to, however, is the apparent threat of materials usually used to keep those animals at bay, as one Perth family discovered to their horror this weekend…

A peaceful family dinner took a terrifying turn when an Australian restaurant allegedly served an entire family insect repellent instead of cranberry juice, sending a mother and her two daughters to the hospital. The shocking incident occurred at Miky’s Italian Restaurant in Nedlands, a suburb of Perth, leaving the family in distress and authorities scrambling to launch an investigation.

A Horrifying ‘Mistake’

Michele Lemin, the mother of the family, recounted the frightening experience when her daughters, aged 11 and 12, ordered cranberry juice during their meal on a Friday night. The girls, Hannah and Olivia, took a sip and immediately spat it out, claiming it tasted like poison. Sceptical at first, Michele took a gulp herself and was horrified to realise the drink certainly wasn’t cranberry juice and possessed a distressing and distressingly intense chemical taste…

“I was spitting it out yelling, ‘It’s chemicals,'” Michele recalled. Her husband, Marcus Lemin, smelled the glass and insisted the restaurant staff show him the bottle. Initially, the staff denied any wrongdoing and assured the family it was cranberry juice. However, as the situation escalated, a waiter eventually revealed the bottle, confirming their worst fears.

Image: 9News

Medical Response

The family was quickly rushed to the hospital following the discovery. Michele and her daughters experienced severe symptoms, including burning stomachs, tingling hands, and intense headaches. Michele was admitted to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, while her daughters were taken to Perth Children’s Hospital for treatment.

After six hours of monitoring, the family was released from the hospital, but the traumatic experience has left a lasting impact. Olivia, the 11-year-old, expressed her fear during the ordeal:

“It felt like somebody had poured fire on your stomach and it felt like you had pins and needles in your arms and legs…”

A spokesperson for the shamed restaurant described the incident as “very concerning” and confirmed that an internal investigation is underway. Meanwhile, the City of Perth and WA Health are also looking into the matter to ensure such a mishap never occurs again. The Lemin family hopes their experience raises awareness about the importance of safety and vigilance in restaurants to prevent similar incidents in the future.