Ferrari Film ‘Curse’ Continues As Hugh Jackman Gets The Boot

Fourth time lucky?

Ferrari Film ‘Curse’ Continues As Hugh Jackman Gets The Boot

Image Credit: Ferrari

A biopic that’ll explore the life and story of Enzo Ferrari, the Italian motor racing driver, entrepreneur, and founder of luxury sports car manufacturer, Ferrari, seems to be cursed as the leading role has now been re-cast three times. The film – currently titled Enzo Ferrari – was co-written and will eventually be directed by Oscar-nominee Michael Mann, who is best known for producing The Insider.

Mann has been trying to make Enzo Ferrari for over twenty years now, and over the years four different actors have been cast as the titular character. Originally, in 1993 Robert De Nero was cast as Ferrari but as the film never seemed to get off the ground, De Nero dropped out.

Twenty-two years later in 2015, Christian Bale, who had previously worked with Mann on the film Public Enemies, was cast as Ferrari. Unfortunately, Bale was forced to give up the role because, according to Deadline, the Oscar-winner developed health concerns as it was required he rapidly gain weight for the role.

Both Jackman & Bale were cast to play Ferrari but have both now been replaced. Image Credit: Getty Images

Beloved Aussie actor, Hugh Jackman was subsequently cast to replace Bale in 2017 and up until a few days ago, nothing new about the Ferrari film was ever announced. However, it looks like the biopic is finally gearing up to be filmed; but, once again, with a new leading man.

Oscar-nominee Adam Driver, known for the most recent Star Wars films, BlacKkKlansman and House of Gucci, will now play Enzo Ferrari in Mann’s film. Deadline reported that Driver has replaced Jackman – although it’s unknown why Jackman is no longer starring – and that Enzo Ferrari will start filming in May of this year in Italy.

Penélope Cruz and Shailene Woodley have also been cast in the film as Ferrari’s wife, Laura and his mistress, Lina Lardi, respectively. The film will be set in the summer of 1957 and will most likely explore the tragic events of the Mille Miglia race. In real life during the race, Ferrari’s driver was travelling at 250 kilometres per hour when a tire blew. This led to the car crashing and the impact killed the driver, co-driver and nine (five of whom were children) spectators.

Driver is the latest actor to be cast as Ferrari. Image Credit: Getty Images

STX has struck a deal to handle both domestic and international rights to Enzo Ferrari and Chairman of STX, Adam Fogelson announced that “​​STX is looking forward to the start of [Enzo Ferrari’s] production with this dream cast and filmmaker.”

The fact that multiple roles in the film have now been cast, an entertainment company is officially attached to the project, and Mann has announced he plans to start filming this year, it looks like the curse has finally (read: hopefully) been broken.

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