First Class Passenger Arrested For ‘Flicking The Bean’ In Aisle After Drinking Nine Cocktails

Don't be this guy, just don't.

First Class Passenger Arrested For ‘Flicking The Bean’ In Aisle After Drinking Nine Cocktails

Image: Dallas Morning News

A first-class passenger has been arrested for indecent exposure on an American Airlines flight after getting a little carried away with the free booze.

We’ve seen some pretty outrageous in-flight incidents in our time — take the Chinese ‘time traveller’ who got his flight cancelled to the flight attendant who was beaten with an in-flight phone as prime examples — but this is easily one of the most overtly grotesque, explicit, and shameless midair antics we’ve ever come across…

The bizarre incident took place on American Airlines flight 3921 when a first-class passenger was arrested after an in-flight escapade involving nine Jack Daniels and Coke mixers which, as I’m sure many readers can understand, led to some pretty reckless behaviour. The flight, en route from Chicago O’Hare to Manchester, New Hampshire, was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Buffalo due to the passenger’s outlandish actions.

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What Went Down

The drama began to really unfold when the passenger, heavily intoxicated from his free cocktails, reportedly exposed himself and urinated in the aisle of the Embraer E-170 aircraft. Niagara Frontier Transit Authority Police were called to the gate at Buffalo Airport, where the plane made its forced landing. Upon boarding the aircraft, officers were briefed by a flight attendant about the man’s inappropriate actions.

A fellow passenger, seated in row 2, managed to capture the incident on camera. The photographic evidence was handed over to the police, sealing the fate of the disruptive flyer… alas, it has not yet made its way into public hands, but rest assured this writer will be keeping an eye out.

The E-170 is not a large aircraft, so we fear the man’s urine may have achieved pretty comprehensive cabin coverage… Image: Envoy Air

The Aftermath

Once at the police station, the 25-year-old passenger was interviewed extensively by the local authorities. Despite being read his Miranda rights, he openly discussed his journey from Portland to Chicago to Manchester, detailing his all-too-apparent fondness for Jack and Cokes. He admitted to consuming multiple cocktails before his flight, during his layover, and on the flight itself, reaching a grand total of at least nine drinks before things headed south…

The passenger attempted to justify his behaviour in something of a desperate final bid, claiming a medical condition related to urination, which he said caused him to engage in “flicking the bean” upon returning to his seat from the restroom.

An A380 Business Class cabin, where an EMirates passenger relieved himself last year. Image: View From The Wing

This explanation did little to engender sympathy from police or mitigate the charges he faced. He was federally charged with indecent exposure under the District of Columbia criminal code, applicable due to the incident occurring within the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States.

This episode serves as a stark reminder that excessive alcohol consumption and inappropriate behaviour can lead to severe legal consequences, regardless of one’s ticket class, just as an EMirates passenger who chose to relieve himself all over his business class cabin twice found out last year.

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times, and we’ll say it again: tempting as the bottomless booze that pointy-end flying offers may be, don’t be this guy, just don’t.