What Happens When There’s Turbulence During Your Emirates First-Class Shower

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What Happens When There’s Turbulence During Your Emirates First-Class Shower

Image Credit: The Luxe Travel Couple

Turbulence is scary enough when you’re strapped into your seat. But what happens when it hits while you’re in the shower? One Emirates first-class passenger has just taken to TikTok to show you what it looks like, and what the safety protocol is.

We live in turbulent times, but sometimes things get really – physically – shaky. Enter: turbulence. Turbulence recently caused havoc on a Hawaiian Airlines flight and is once again on a lot of people’s minds again after so many people were shockingly injured.

WATCH: first class passenger shows what happens when there’s turbulence in the shower

Though turbulence of that magnitude is rare, and it’s even rarer for airlines not to warn you that it’s coming, it’s always good to know how best to deal with it, should you find yourself in a bumpy situation. To that end, TikTok user The Luxe Travel Couple have come out with a video that shows you what to do when it goes down and you’re in the shower at 40,000ft.

“Here’s what to do in case of turbulence mid shower on the Emirates a380 shower spa’s,” The Luxe Travel Couple captioned their video. In the video The Luxe Travel Couple explained “in the event of turbulence you’ll be advised to sit down on the bench in the shower and hold on to the rail. There’s no seatbelt and there’s no need to return to your seat unless there’s an emergency.”

“There are also speakers that will tell you what to do,” the video proclaimed.

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Popular comments on the video included (hopefully in jest): “If there’s turbulence the pilot ejects you”, “”what in the rich ppl” and “I didn’t even know planes had showers.”

Another commenter asked: “Why do the same safety standards not apply? Like why does everyone else have to return to their seat but not first class passengers?” Another TikTok user responded: “Because they’re naked… Has nothing to do with flying first. If there were showers in the economy, it would be also like that. It’s more dangerous to leave the shower than to stay there.”

Something to mull over the next time you’re in the shower.

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