Huge Kingfish Haul In Sydney Harbour Is A Fisherman’s Wet Dream


Image Credit: Getty Images

A video has emerged of a giant haul of kingfish stranded in a ferry’s dry dock in Sydney harbour. The video, which is from a couple of months ago, shows workmen catching and releasing the kingfish back into the harbour.

A huge load of kingfish found themselves stuck in a ferry’s docking station a couple of months back, with a viral video now emerging showing what happened to them after they were found. The video, posted on TikTok account, shows tradesmen rescue some of the 55 (or so) kingfish, picking them up, walking across to the open harbour, and throwing them into the water by their tails.

The video was captioned: “Some big kingfish trapped in Balmain a few months back.”

In wake of the video, a number of threads of conversation emerged. The first was whether or not the kingfish were edible. One TikTok user wrote: “I don’t know if I’d want to be eating anything stuck in that dock for a while.” Others backed him up, writing things like: “I don’t know if I’d touch anything from the Sydney harbour” and “I wouldn’t touch that!! Way [too] polluted to be food.”

Not everyone agreed with this school of thought. Others wrote with enthusiasm about how they would have liked to bring a couple of the fish home for dinner. “Did some make it home for dinner or what?”, one social media user wrote.

“We eating good tonight.”

“Nothing wrong with it,” another claimed. “The meat you buy from the shops probably have more pollution in it from what they been feed.”

“We could’ve housed that.”

More fish hungry TikTok users commented things like “Should of went in the esky” and “Omg all that ceviche.”

“That would feed my family for a year the way prices are now 😯.”

From “I’d be loading my freezer right upp” to “fry up lads!” there were quite a few keen commenters on the video…

The video also had social media users, presumably not realising the video is a couple of months old, tagging their mates and suggesting it might be worth a trip (“let’s go”).

Another debate was had as to where the fish were trapped. One user reckoned it was Garden Island, another user said it was actually Balmain (“they were actually caught in the Balmain/Sydney ferries dry dock and released back into the harbour”).

Food for thought indeed.

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