Sydney Airport Hack For Spectacular Views

"There's no place like home."

Sydney Airport Hack For Spectacular Views

Image Credit: Fishraider

For Sydneyites, there’s nothing better than flying home to Sydney after a long trip. But for the ultimate hack, make sure you book a flight that lands in Sydney at sunrise because it’s a truly magnificent sight that all Australians have to see at least once in their lifetime…

As Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz said oh so wisely, “There’s no place like home.” This statement rings so true, especially when Australians experience flying home just as the sun rises.

Aussie journalist Melissa Hoyer reminded me of this fact when she shared on LinkedIn a stunning video of her flight from Los Angeles to Sydney landing during sunrise.

Melissa captioned the video with, “No matter where in the world, there is something about flying into Sydney as the sun rises – that image of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House & the surrounding bays & beaches actually bring happy tears to your eyes…”

While there are scientific reasons that explain why people cry on planes, I completely agree that coming home at sunrise and seeing Sydney in all its glory would definitely make any proud Aussie tear up.

Although, there’s something rather magical about flying out of Sydney at sunset too. I was lucky enough to go to Cairns a few weeks ago and my plane took off right at sundown, and boy, the view was spectacular.

If anything, the beautiful views of Sydney lit up with the last rays of sunshine for the day – that my pictures do not do justice – made me more excited about my trip.

Simply stunning. Image: Bec Milligan/DMARGE

So to my fellow Australians, if you’re lucky enough to be flying away on a holiday anytime soon, try and book a flight that either takes off from Sydney at sunset or lands in Sydney at sunrise.

Because it’s truly a sight that has to be seen.

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