College Football Team’s Brutal 2am Workouts Are The Toughest We’ve Ever Seen

This what future NFL stars are made of.

College Football Team’s Brutal 2am Workouts Are The Toughest We’ve Ever Seen


Florida Gators’ 2am workouts under Urban Meyer were intense, fostering unity and resilience but also causing burnout and injuries.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that world-renowned bodybuilder Neol Deyzel might have some of the hardest workouts going, or even the five-time CrossFit world champion. Well, unfortunately for them, they may have been pipped to the post by a college football team…

The rigorous training regimen of college football teams is well-documented, but the Florida Gators under Urban Meyer took things to a scary new high. The 2023 Netflix docuseries Untold: Swamp Kings provides a glimpse into their gruelling training, casting a curious spotlight onto the notorious midnight workouts that pushed players to their limits…

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The Intensity

The Florida Gators’ success during Urban Meyer’s tenure was built on an unyielding commitment to physical and mental toughness. One of the most daunting elements of their training were their infamous mightnight workouts, running from midnight until 2:30am on Friday and/or Saturday nights. These sessions were designed not just to build physical endurance but also to foster a relentless team spirit.

Former players recount how these midnight drills were unlike anything they had ever experienced. The team would be woken up in the dead of night, dragged from their beds, and driven to the field where they faced hours of intense physical exertion. The drills included everything from exhaustive mat drills to punishing strength and conditioning exercises, all conducted under the strict supervision of Meyer and his coaching staff.

2022 Florida Gators
Image: Alligator Army

These sessions were a testament to Meyer’s “militaristic” approach to coaching. He believed that by pushing his players to their breaking points, he could create a team that was not only physically superior but also mentally unbreakable. The midnight workouts were as much — if not far more — about building character and unity as they were about improving physical fitness.

The Impact

The impact of these brutal workouts on the players was profound, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. Many former Gators have shared how the 2am sessions were the toughest part of their training regimen. The sheer physical exhaustion was coupled with the mental strain of being constantly on alert, knowing that they could be called to the field at any moment.

Tim Tebow, one of the era’s standout players, has spoken about the camaraderie and resilience that these workouts instilled in the team. Despite the physical toll, the midnight drills fostered a deep bond among the players, uniting them in their shared struggle and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Urban Meyer
Notorious hardass, Urban Meyer. Image: CBS Sports

However, the extreme nature of these workouts also had its drawbacks. The intense pressure and physical demands contributed to a culture of burnout and injuries. Meyer himself admitted to the immense pressure he placed on his players and how it mirrored the strain he put on himself, leading to his own health issues.

In the end, the midnight workouts epitomise the Florida Gators’ drive for greatness under Meyer, a crucible of pain and endurance that forged a championship-winning team that walked a fine line between pushing for success and pushing too far. Would you have traded house parties and nightclubs for gym time in your college days? For a shot at NFL superstardom, maybe.