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Footjoy Golf Glove Is A Must-Have

Golf is a luxurious gentlemen's game, after all.

Any golfer worth his fairway green salt should know that one of the best accessories to help improve their game isn’t a well-versed caddy, but a golf glove. A glove not only allows you to channel your inner Michael Jackson when teeing off but provides a bucketload of extra grip to ensure your club doesn’t slip from your palms, sending your ball flying into the trees or for a swim in the water.

For the serious golfer (or just the one who likes the finer things in life) this Footjoy leather glove is the must-have hand-snuggler. Not only does its vanilla colourway exude minimalist luxury, with perforations along the fingers to allow air to gently caress them, keeping it cool and sweat-free.

And that’s all before we even get to the APL Tanned leather sourced from Pittards of England (which has been producing fine leather goods since 1826) which is super-soft and will wrap your hand (left and right options are available) in such extreme comfort you’ll never want to take it off.

At $75 it’s comfortably in the luxury camp but is without doubt the perfect accompaniment to your golfing outfit, which, being a DMARGE reader, we imagine is already super stylish (you can always check here to make sure), and while you’re at it, why not go all out and add Hublot’s golfing watch into the mix too.

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