Watch Barber Franco Bompieri Cut Hair With Fire

Franco Bompieri

What makes a special haircut? For some it’s the deft hands. For others it’s the trust and final package that can only come from decades of patronage.

For Milan’s Franco Bompieri it’s the ability to cut hair with an open flame. Bompieri owns and runs Milan’s last traditional barber shop, having been in the business for 72 years.

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The clip shows the intricate method of grooming hair with fire as Bompieri explains the benefits of this old school technique. The hair is first cut as normal with scissors and a comb before the ends are lightly singed to supposedly help it recover and grow thicker. This, according to Bompieri, will prevent hair from falling out.

No one can really argue with an 83-year-old who has a full head of hair himself…except maybe for the genetics researchers. Watch the video above explaining the lost art.