Frank Ocean’s $250,000 Richard Mille Watch Is A Bit Fruity

"I'm pretty still, look at my deal, Richard Mille."

Frank Ocean’s $250,000 Richard Mille Watch Is A Bit Fruity

The elusive rapper is back in the headlines and back on social media again – and he’s taken the opportunity to show off a watch that his fans have been hoping to see for years.

Frank Ocean is an enigma. The 34-year-old artist’s two studio albums, 2012’s Channel Orange and 2016’s Blonde, rank as two of the most highly acclaimed hip-hop records of all time – yet since Blonde, he’s kept an exceedingly low profile, only releasing a sparse few singles and features and staying out of the spotlight.

Last year, Frank surprised fans by unveiling not an album, but a jewellery brand called Homer – which has quickly become a favourite of the fashion-forward as well as fellow celebrities like Drake, who was spotted rocking a Homer chain worth a whopping US$1.9 million.

Homer’s been in the news lately after the brand released an 18ct gold, diamond-studded cock ring worth US$25,000. As you do. Frank’s not fazed though – if anything, he’s doubled down with the ostentatiousness, taking to Instagram to show off a Richard Mille watch worth ten times that.

Also on Frank’s wrist is a bracelet from his own brand, Homer. Images: @blonded / La Cote des Montres

The watch in question is called the RM 37-01 Automatic Kiwi, and was released back in 2019 as part of the high-end Swiss watchmaker’s Bonbon Collection, which revolved around watches with sweet-related designs – an unusually whimsical collection from a brand that’s renowned for its cutting-edge, tech-heavy watches.

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As the lavish watch’s name implies, it features a green colour scheme, with fruit and candy motifs throughout the watch. Hand-lacquered miniature sweets cover the watch’s dial, with even the watch’s crown resembling a licorice twist.

These fruity design elements are juxtaposed by its high-tech construction, with its case and bezels crafted from a unique mixture of carbon fibre and quartz composites plus a dial and movement largely constructed from grade 5 titanium.

It’s an absolutely outrageous watch that only a rapper like Frank Ocean could pull off. Actually, he’s even rapped about this watch on his 2019 single, In My Room. We reckon he should buy some more Millies – might give him something to rap about and we’ll get more music…

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