Scooter Death In Bali Prompts Fresh Calls For Tourists To Wear Helmets

"Riding a scooter in Bali is as dangerous as anywhere else in the world!"

Images via @thecanggupole

A Ukrainian man has been found dead underneath a bridge on the notorious Canggu shortcut in Bali. This tragic death has sparked fresh calls for tourists to wear helmets, or to simply avoid riding motorbikes altogether in Bali.

Fresh calls for tourists to wear helmets on motorbikes in Bali have resounded online after the tragic death of a man on the Canggu shortcut. Police believe the 33 year old victim lost control of his motorbike and fell off the bridge, hitting his head on a concrete structure on the way down.

His body was found at 8am on January the 10th, hours after he is believed to have passed away. The bike was from a rental store in Canggu. I Wayan Seloka, a police spokesperson, told local media outlet Coconuts Bali that the man likely wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

WATCH: expat communities call for tourists to wear helmets when riding scooters in Bali

In the wake of the tragic news, the expat community has come together to encourage each other to take more care on the roads, to always wear a helmet, and to rethink the need to ride motorbikes.

The Canggu Pole, usually a comedic Instagram page, shared a serious message, writing: “Y’all are quick with some judgements and blame and finger pointing surrounding this tragic death… Real talk tho… I been drunk crossing the shortcut before… it’s nothing I’m proud of but a lot of us do it.”

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“How about we look out for each other??? Let’s not let each other go home alone, guy or girl. We just ‘yo you out?? Imma follow you.’ It ain’t much but it could mean everything just that one time and if nothing else it shows we care. We are one community here despite our differences. Let’s look out for each other no?”

Image via @thecanggupole

The account added: “RIP. May your journey back to love be peaceful” and “and yes… let’s drive safely. Wear our helmets. And gojeck when we drunk.”

“If you’re not confident driving, just don’t do it. Gojek could literally [be] cheaper than a bike rental and 100% safer. Simple. Safe.”

The Canggu Pole

Instagram account @balilivin chimed in with a message of their own, writing: “Riding a scooter in Bali is as dangerous as anywhere else in the world! Please always wear a helmet and make sure you don’t risk your life by rent[ing] a scooter without an international driver’s license!”

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