This Genius ‘Pillow Hack’ Lets You Sneak Extra Luggage On A Plane

"Pillow flies for free."

This Genius ‘Pillow Hack’ Lets You Sneak Extra Luggage On A Plane

If you haven’t been stung with an excess baggage fee once in your life, are you even a traveller?

Hold that thought for a moment because it may now be irrelevant  – traveller and TikTok user Anya Lakovlieva has just shared a genius travel hack which could save your bacon the next time you find yourself rummaging through your suitcase and trying to decide which sweater to throw away at the departure gate.

Anya shows travellers how they can smuggle extra clothes onto the plane, exploiting a ‘grey area’ which flight attendants and airport staff could technically pull you up on, but rarely pay attention to.

Watch Anya’s video below, to see how it’s done.

“Best travel hack ever!!! Pillow flies for free.”

“Nobody’s going to know,” the video sound track gloats. “How would they know?”

The video shows Anya put her extra clothes into a pillow case, which she takes on the plane in much the same laissez faire way one would a neck pillow. Though this, like everything else, gets scanned at security, once you get to the boarding area it is unlikely flight attendants would bother weighing it (meanwhile at security their concern is dangerous objects, not weight).

And there you have it – a simple yet genius way to carry more clothes onto a plane should you ever need to.

One TikTok user, PILOTBABA, joked in the comments: “So I’m a pilot I will let them know for sure jk lol we don’t care if people do all this Im a pilot we allow this for sure there is noooo problem.”

Another complained: “Now everyone will know. By 2022 airlines will be charging everyone to take pillows on board.”

Another user said: “How would they know? I call it an x-ray.”

To which others pointed out: “Security doesn’t care what you take in. And they usually don’t check your pillowcase when you get on a plane.”

Another commenter went another level of evil genius, writing: “Put the clothing in a vacuum sealed bag and get double in that pillow.”

Another, who claimed to be a flight attendant, wrote: “We don’t mind and yes, we do know. We always have. Enjoy your flight.”

A smart hack to try, if you dare, in 2022.

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