How To Get Justin Theroux's Style

Justin Theroux style carries a no-nonsense, bad guy look that is presented both on screen and in the way he wears his clothes. From playing the devilish Seamus in Charlie’s Angels to the Evil DJ in Zoolander, Theroux’s film hand is set on taking down the world – one male model and karate-chopping-Drew-Barrymore at a time.

Now a celebrated screenwriter (Tropic Thunder) and star of series The Leftovers, Theroux has matured into an on-and-offscreen genius. But his wardrobe remains intent on staying, well – just that little bit dark.

Breaking It Down: Justin Theroux Style

Justin Theroux Style

Black, black, black; this is the mantra that chants through the mind of Theroux as he stands before his wardrobe each and every morning. But, it’s the working of the sombre colour in different shades and hues, that makes Theroux’s dark uniform more like a living thing – evolving on the body in layers. Rarely seen without a leather jacket, polo shirt and aviators, it’s the staple pieces that Theroux likes to invest in, teaching trend-chasers a thing two about the art of classic casual wear and making it last.

Triple-Smoked Black

Justin Theroux Style

First things: get a black leather biker jacket. Pronto. In Justin Theroux style, black tees or roll neck shirt-sweaters are then layered under the biker in leather or satiny nylon (depending on the heat, of course). Theroux’s all-dark denim finishes his hard-nut-to-crack, minimal look. While we love classic wash and raw denim, black is the next best thing – especially with a subtle wax coating to oil-things up.

Cap-tain Aviator

Justin Theroux Style

A cap – snap back or trucker – and aviator sunnies are Theroux’s go-to combination in summer. Paired with graphic-tee-turned-tank or posh Lacoste tee, both accessories epitomise a rockstar street-look, with back pack in toe. Just keep the logos and branding simple, and of course, black is best if you want to truly channel Theroux.

Biker Chic

Justin Theroux Style

An asymmetrically zipped biker jacket rides smoothly with Theroux. As his hero piece for off-duty days, it’s the essence of his no-nonsense approach to style. Jen in arm, his basic dark jeans and grey shirt, melt seamlessly under heavy duty boots and aviators. It’s a look that’s comfortable and eliminates unnecessary baggage so he can ride high and fast.

Polo Theroux

Justin Theroux Style

Whether browsing store windows in New York or touching down in LAX airport, the bicoastal Theroux would be lost without his polo shirt. Yes – Theroux isn’t a sports guy. But, he does take sporty things and heat them up. The polo gets the rockstar makeover with the actor (worn button to the neck and untucked at the waist in hues such as neon red or black with white trim), the former popping like a firework against black jeans and coat.

Street-Smart Tailoring

Justin Theroux Style

Snubbing the traditional bow tie, Justin Theroux attended The Leftovers premiere at NYU Skirball Center in New York rocking a navy wool narrow lapel two-button suit, over a white cotton shirt with silver collar bar. Other times, catch the rule-bender in a two-piece grey sheen-suit (above) wearing black, heavy duty boots with his slim-cut suit. Inclined to mix things up, Justin Theroux style is the ultimate street-smart look, opting for a black structured blazer over dark denim and his signature polo shirt.

Key Justin Theroux Style Items


Theroux looks to favour the Allsaints Peyto biker jacket or roar down the super-luxe highway with leather number from Parisian, Rick Owens. Belstaff is a classic choice.


Ovadia & Sons have Theroux’s street-ready approach to suiting covered, from unstructured two-piece’s to separate blazers in lush wool. Red carpets mean designer brands, and Theroux prefers the modernised traditionalism that is Dior Homme or Tom Ford.


Polos, all the way. Opt for Fred Perry, Lacoste or Penguin Original to do the deed right. Ralph Lauren is the ultimate for picking and choosing an array of colour options. Roll neck shirts Theroux’s convenient winter layer, so go for John Smedley Belvoir Merino wool for breathability and comfort. Plain white tees? Calvin Klein for snug, Uniqlo for tech fabric and Bassike for organic softness and longline.


For boots with a suit go for Alexander McQueen derbies; still classic in essence the black cap-toes offer a uniformed feel with a grip-heel. Dr Martens are a second, casual boot choice. Theroux rarely wears sneakers, opting for the comfort of rubber-soled creepers from Dior or Chukka boots in leather by Clarks for an ever-sturdy casual stride.


Jeans are always dark so try head for Nudie in wax-coat slim fit or skinnies. Gap’s slim fit are a great affordable choice –  made from cotton stretch fabric, while Givenchy offers superior luxury.


Tom Ford or Ray Ban aviators, and leather back packs are staples. For bag, Phillip Lim is your luxury go-to and Henschel offer a wider, more affordable range without compromising on the quality of the skin. Supreme New York are absolutely Theroux for caps.

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