‘Worst Haircut Ever’: British Men Facing Epidemic Of Rusty Barbers

"Waited four months for a haircut and got hit with the worst one I've ever had in my life."

‘Worst Haircut Ever’: British Men Facing Epidemic Of Rusty Barbers

When you’ve been waiting months for a haircut, you want it to be damn good. That was not the case for one unfortunate Scottish man, whose botched bouffant recently went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Along the way, it exposed a broader problem in the UK right now: many barbers are rusty as hell. The man – a 20-year-old student from Glasgow – paid £12 (AUD$21) for a “mid skin fade.”

The problem? It was shaved right up and not really blended at all.

Andy took to Twitter on April the 7th to warn others of his ordeal – which he claims to be the worst haircut of his life.

Many chimed in with remarks like, “Look familiar,” tagging their friends, suggesting the problem may not be an isolated incident.

Andy also shared snippets of a WhatsApp conversation he had with the barber, in which he was offered a free new do, which he declined.

Some users, who appear to know Andy, chimed in with (apparent) jokes, saying, “Your haircuts have always been horrendous.”

Other Twitter users shared some brutal cuts they’ve seen of their own…

Others said they didn’t even know the barbers were open.

The general conclusion? After so many lockdowns, barbers are probably a bit rusty.

“He was probably rusty cause of quarantine. I’m sure he’s gonna be back to his best,” one Twitter user wrote.

Further Twitter users said seeing this haircut made them nervous about their own appointments with the clippers.

The incident also exposed a common problem men and women have both, since time immemorial, had at the hairdressers – awkwardness stopping you from speaking up when you don’t like the direction your cut is heading in.

Although the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is often just a week or two, the man has been encouraged to stay at home and self-isolate, just in case…

Stay safe, people.

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