These Street Art Murals Reveal A Glowing Surprise At Night

Glow-In-The-Dark Street Art

By day, the silhouettes of Spanish art collective Reskate are deceptively simple. Only after sundown do they reveal their true splendour: hidden inside each work is a more detailed image that only appears in the dark.

Maria Lopez and Javier de Riba are the creative duo behind the glow-in-the-dark street art. Both are graphic designers and illustrators who dabble in murals and installations. Their unique glowing pieces are achieved using phosphorescent paint made from ingredients like silver-activated zinc sulfide and doped strontium aluminate, which combined to create a pale green/blue shade that appears illuminated.

A hint of the skeleton that lies within can be glimpsed during daylight, but the murals only reveal their full hypnotising effect after dark. Reskate use the format to offer social commentary. A piece in the Spanish city of Zaragoza is merely a loaf of bread on the surface. At night, however, a glowing knife appears within the dough. The image was created for Action Against Hunger as a reminder that current generations have the means to end world hunger, but have yet to do so.

Another of Reskate’s glow-in-the-dark street art creations is a planet in daylight and transforms into an undersea diving helmet at night. According to the artists, the piece represents how the obsessive space race between the USSR and the USA caused scientific advances relating deep-sea exploration to slow.

Watch Reskate in action below and take a look at some of their work, both indoors and out, in the gallery above.