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This $1,500 Swiss Diver's Watch Has Just Been Reduced To $369

Save $1,131.

A quality diver’s watch isn’t all that cheap to make. They need to be water resistant to 200m, which isn’t cheap to do, on top of that they need to have a rotating bezel to time any underwater expeditions and they need to be sturdy enough to handle some serious abuse and salt water. It’s easy to see why they don’t come cheap. Add in more complexities like an automatic movement and the price seems to go through the roof, which is why Glycine’s famous Combat Sub has a retail price of $1500, but for a limited time you can score one for $369…that’s a saving of $1,131.

You might be fooled into thinking that this is just like any other entry level dive watch (like a Seiko SKX), but the reality is for from it. Unlike most of it’s competitors, the Combat Sub is powered by an automatic movement and not just any automatic movement, an in-house GL224 25-jewel automatic movement. This means there has been no outsourcing, copying or forgery, the whole watch, piece by piece has been made by Glycine. It also features a unique design. This might be seemingly insignificant, but, in this day and age so many brands just copy one another, but the Combat sub has a unique dial, oversized crown and hands that make it stand out from a market dominated by Rolex Submariner lookalikes. 

If you haven’t heard of Glycine, they were founded in 1914 in Bienne, Switzerland and are responsible for various innovations including the Vacuum chronometers, a highly waterproof and accurate watch as well as various GMT watches that have been a favourite of pilots since 1953. Ultimately, Glycine makes high quality, unique and affordable Swiss watches, making them one of the best introductions to Swiss watchmaking. On sale for $1500 $369, you won’t find a better watch bargain anytime soon. Available in 20 different versions and colours you’re bound to find one that tickles your fancy.

Shop Glycine Combat Sub Automatic Watch $1500 $369

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