Patrons Can Now Use This 18K Gold Toilet In The Name Of Art


‘Shitting gold’ used to be a widely regarded colloquial term. As usual though the Italians have taken it seriously and created a toilet seat made out of solid gold.

This peculiar exhibition of art imitating shit imitating excess was designed by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. What’s even more surprising is that the Kohler-style art piece is fully functional for patrons and guests to do their business in.

Made of 18K solid gold, the toilet is currently on display at New York’s Guggenheim Museum and is aptly named “America”, likely making a political statement that the country is a shit hole lined with riches.

America is reported to be worth anywhere between US$1.47 million and US$2.53 million. Thankfully the museum staff have ensure that the toilet will always be spotless with cleaners coming in to clean the artwork every 15 minutes.

Those parties interested in leaveing their mark behind on gold can do so now at the Guggenheim Museum. Not too sure how we feel about crowds watching us do our business but hey, it’s just art right?