Google's New Image Search Wants To Be Your Personal Stylist

The new image search tool helps shoppers see what potential purchases look like in real-world situations and offers curated alternatives.

Image Search

Will those new sneakers fit your wardrobe? Which jeans are best for your body type? What workout brands are dominating the athleisure trend? Google’s new image search has the answers.

The search engine’s new tool, called “Style Ideas”, is designed to help shoppers see how potential purchases look in real-world situations. Think of it as a kind of virtual way to try before you buy.

When a user searches an item – a Zara jacket, let’s say – Google returns images of people sporting that exact product so you can see what it looks like in a more practical setting. The search engine displays these “inspirational lifestyle images and outfits that showcase how the product can be worn in real life” in a familiar, Pinterest-inspired grid.

Style Ideas also offers an expanded carousel for “similar items” while you’re searching, helping shoppers find other products that may suit their style or budget better. Google hopes the new features will help fashion-conscious users get sartorial inspiration and discover bargain alternatives that don’t sacrifice style.

Of course, they’re also hoping that expanded shopping options will help the company compete with other major online retailers, but we won’t begrudge them that as long as they dish out genuinely useful style guidance. Then again, we know where to find plenty of that