Sydney Airport Introduces 'Beauty Cabin' For Dishevelled Travellers

Pointed hint or thoughtful amenity?

Sydney Airport Introduces 'Beauty Cabin' For Dishevelled Travellers

Image Credit: Townsville Bulletin

We’ve all stepped off a long haul flight feeling like death (and smelling worse). But most people at least make the effort to look presentable before the flight starts. An upgrade could be at stake, after all. Plus: it’s hardly fair to your seatmates to turn up looking like you just left a warehouse rave.

However, if you are one of those devil-may-care slobs who think ‘dishevelled chic’ is a thing, Sydney Airport has news for you. Whether you consider it a pointed hint or a welcome chance to look schmick for once is up to you, but a lush, free new ‘beauty cabin’ now awaits travellers in Sydney’s International Departures Terminal.

As reported by, “To adapt with the growing demand of lifestyle experiences at other overseas terminals, Sydney Airport has launched a world-first initiative at their international wing.”

“For the next six months until September, passengers departing Sydney can now treat themselves to a massage, an eye-rejuvenation treatment or even a make-up application before they board their flight,” the report continues.

“The best part? Most of the treatments won’t cost you a cent.”

This handy pre-flight experience comes courtesy of The La Prairie Art of Luxury beauty cabin at the HEINEMANN Tax & Duty Free complex, and is designed to give you a taste of luxury (and also to hydrate) before flying at 35,000 feet.

How does it all work? Well, you can either select a “luxury treatment” in a private suite (which has to be booked in advance) or an “express service” that can be performed on the counter for free.

Of the free services, we’d recommend the following:

  • Instant eye-revive treatment that says will, “Smooth, hydrate and brighten your entire eye area in just 10 minutes.”
  • Squeezing a bit of their Skin Caviar collection free samples onto your fingers, to get that baby soft feel to your hands.

Of the paid for services, it’s hard to go past a twenty-minute, deep-cleaning facial, or if your flight has been delayed and you’re looking to go all out, why not add a specialised treatment to protect your skin from “cabin air,” followed by a 10-minute personal consultation?

Dishevelled or not: that’s a damn attractive offer.

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