Get Winter Ready With GUESS’ New Menswear Collection

Luxurious layering done right.

The following article was produced in partnership with GUESS.

The term ‘iconic’ is spoken far too often in the fashion industry, but GUESS is a truly iconic brand.

Since its launch in 1981, the label has been one of the most consistently innovative and stylish fashion brands in the world – from inventing the concept of designer jeans in the 80s to leading the sustainable luxe fashion revolution in 2022, the iconoclastic brand has always had its fingers on the pulse, and remains a must-have label in any well-heeled gentleman’s wardrobe.

Their new Fall 22 collection continues GUESS’ long tradition of excellence. Focusing on sweaters and lighter-weight wool blends for effortless layering and versatility, GUESS’ latest menswear offerings are slick, elevated, and timeless – in short, they’re the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

This classic look from the GUESS Fall 22 collection just oozes cool. The motorsports-inspired Paul Colour-Block Patch Jacket pairs perfectly with these Mid-Rise Slim Tapered Denim Jeans – it’s a winning casual look.

The biggest news around GUESS’ Fall 22 collection is that more than 20% of the collection are #SMARTGUESS products. #SMARTGUESS is the label’s collection of eco-friendly, environmentally conscious products made with less water, fewer chemicals, and sustainably sourced fabrics.

Australian men have become particularly aware of the importance of sustainable fashion in recent years, so this is a big selling point – GUESS’ new menswear collection isn’t just stylish and luxurious, but it’s better for the planet, too.

In a world where we’re so used to disposable fast fashion, GUESS’ focus on quality and timeless styling – across their entire collection – is a refreshing change of pace. No other brand has the same sort of combination of brand appeal, relevance and sharp pricing as GUESS.

GUESS Originals is the brand’s collection of vintage-inspired, limited-release offerings – and it’s where some of their best looks can be found. Take this effortless Americana outfit: a Smith Plaid Shirt, a white Tim Ombre Logo T-Shirt and black Mid-Rise Carpenter Denim Jeans. What a killer combination.

When the weather’s unpredictable (like it’s been across the country in recent months), it’s good to have a trusty arsenal of stylish outerwear options you can pair with a wide variety of outfits and for lots of different conditions.

GUESS Fall 22 has you covered. Proving in more than one way that – it’s a highly diverse, expansive collection. From snappy windbreakers and puffers for those who want a sportier look to smart-casual essentials like field jackets and GUESS’ superlative denim, there’s something for everyone.

That’s before we start talking about how again, it’s more sustainable to build your wardrobe around versatile, quality basics rather than trendy pieces you’re only going to wear once in a blue moon. That’s where GUESS’ menswear really comes into its own.

No man should be without a good tracksuit in their wardrobe. GUESS’ Nowell Zip-Up Jacket and Jogger Pants are perfect for working out, going out and everything in between.

GUESS has always been a cut above when it comes to menswear. That’s why they remain one of the planet’s most distinctive, desirable labels to this day.

Their latest Fall 22 collection is positive proof of their continued excellence. Modern, thoughtful, and expansive, it’s a true menswear must-have.