A Gentleman's Guide To Setting A Masculine Dining Table

Good food and good company are happy bedfellows. If you’re looking to bed any of your fellow guests, be sure to arrange your table carefully and consider all the finer details generally overlooked when solo eating is the norm.

Whether planning an intimate dinner for two, feeding the family, or hosting a horde of friends, a well-dressed table is one of many steps towards perfecting your magnificent bastard lifestyle.

Wine Decanters & Carafes


Unless you’re hosting a soirée for the local AA, booze will likely make an appearance at your table. Instead of carelessly dumping the wine and spirit bottles in front of your guests, consider a well-designed decanter or carafe to add character to the setting.

Wine Glasses


Drinking from the bottle might be okay when nobody’s around, but dinner party patrons tend to be fussy and expect individual glasses for beverages. Nothing shines quite like crystal (except maybe diamonds, but diamond cups would just invite theft) so invest in a stylish set of Waterford glasses that won’t just last the length of the meal, but a lifetime if treated properly. Bust out the bellinis in a set of Waterford crystal glasses for the ultimate pimped-out drinks

Super-Sized Serving Board


If the onslaught of reality cooking shows are anything to go buy, presentation is just as important and the meal, and a large serving platter is indispensable for putting on a great-looking spread. Marble boards are ideal for their longevity, with wood coming a close second for a rustic yet masculine look.



The human race’s use of cutlery sets us apart from most of the animal kingdom, so set yourself apart with a smashing cutlery collection. Stainless steel is good, silver is best, and plastic is never okay.

Drinking Glasses


Don’t forget the H2o and arrange a number of drinking glasses (and a jug of water) around the table. Transparent glasses are a foolproof option, but we’re also loving copper and ceramic as a robust alternative.



Ramp up the romance factor with a mood-enhancing centrepiece. Hold your significant other’s gaze in soft candlelight by placing a number of small candle holders around the table or opt for a large statement piece in the center. Be sure to wear slim fitting sleeves to avoid catching aflame.

Linen Napkins


Avoid wooing your date with a face full of crumbs by laying out some linen or cloth napkins. It might seem easier to buy a packet of disposable serviettes, but they’ll tear faster than your date can trot our the door.

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