Hamish Blake Urges Australians To Wag Work, Take Sneaky Holidays

"This is just me popping this out there in case you had the seed of a similar idea in your head."

Image Credit: @hamishblakeshotz

Whether you dream of jet setting in a private jet, or jettisoning your material possessions and working in a monastery, we all, typically, dream of a stress-free holiday.

Enter: Hamish Blake. One of Australia’s most loved radio presenters (and now a podcaster/TV presenter). Hamish recently took to Instagram to share a simple holiday hack more Australians should implement.

That hack? Protect your time. Go back to your wagging school roots. Skip out on real-life. How? Block out a set of dates in your diary and, when they approach, tell people you have an immovable commitment.

The key to Hamish’s genius, though, we reckon, is to pick a classic holiday no one can question – camping.

Here’s how Hamish explained how you can “wag” real life for a little bit, even as an adult.

“Just back from 5 days camping with my boy roaming some spots on the central coast of NSW. Lots of dirt in the sleeping bags, fair bit in the breakfast, lots of Dad pretending he knows how to 4WD on sand (made it through thanks to some local legends offering tips and light heckling), lots of walkie talkies from the front seat to the back seat (a must), time spend learning about the country and Aboriginal culture, hours of fire management, but mostly, just being together. Magic.”

“Yes it involved some light wagging of school on his part (and of real life on my part) but I’m a big believer that you have to make time for things like this in advance or they don’t happen.”

Hamish Blake

He added: “I blocked this out at the start of the year and I reckon 20 things popped up for this week that I was able to say ‘sorry, I’m away camping’ to, and people can’t really argue with that (especially since it’s well known I’m a professional camper).”

“But if we hadn’t protected the time, the week would never come. I guess this is just me popping this out there in case you had the seed of a similar idea in your head. Doesn’t have to be grand, just needs a little time invested. Memory making is always worth it.”

Though this approach can’t guarantee you’ll have a stress free holiday (with regards to things that crop up during your travels) it at least means stress from your day to day life can’t creep in and ruin it.

How’s your next sneaky getaway plan coming along?

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