Hamish Blake Is A Bloke More Australian Men Should Aspire To Be Like (Sorry Andy)

He's a total stud (and not just because he hosts a show about Lego).

There’s a reason (or two) why Hamish Blake is so beloved in Australia – which is why more men should strive to be like the popular comedian…

Last night, Australian comedian and television presenter Hamish Blake won the prestigious Gold Logie for the second time – he also won the award back in 2012 – as well as the inaugural Logie for Most Popular Presenter (which was introduced this year to honour Bert Newtown).

But after watching the Logies awards show I had an epiphany: more Aussie blokes should strive to be like Hamish – and no, I don’t mean they should start a radio show or podcast with their best mate. What I mean is that Hamish has a few qualities that men should try and emulate…

Hamish Blake accepts his Gold Logie. Image Credit: Channel Nine

Classic larrikin attitude

There’s no denying that Hamish Blake is hilarious and a classic larrikin – good-hearted but always down for some harmless, fun-fuelled shenanigans.

Some prime examples of which include when Hamish would join random Zoom calls to amuse himself during the 2020 lockdown or when he bought a ‘salt gun’ to take down the many flies in his home rather than bug spray.

Supports his partner and family

It’s crystal clear that Hamish Blake is extremely supportive of his wife and children.

But if you need some proof, back in April, during an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Hamish was asked whether he was “jealous” over his wife’s success – for context, Hamish’s wife, Zoë Foster Blake sold her controlling stake in her skincare company, Go-To for $89 million in 2021. Hamish was a true gentleman and had nothing but praise for his wife.

“I love seeing her go from strength to strength… I’m massively proud.”

Hamish Blake

Furthermore, Hamish always goes above and beyond for his kids; especially when it comes to birthday cakes. The comedian now regularly documents himself making elaborate cakes that his kids have requested… Just over a month ago, Hamish made an incredible Avatar: The Last Airbender cake for his son, Sonny.

One of the many incredible birthday cakes Hamish Blake has made for his children. Image Credit: @hamishblakeshotz

In touch with the common man

This one is for Hamish & Andy fans… Hamish and Andy Lee have an ongoing joke that Andy has lost touch with the common man. While Andy will argue that Hamish has also lost touch, I disagree.

Yes, Hamish is loaded. But the man doesn’t have a “yoga mat drawer” and is still super relatable. For instance, he wags work and encourages Australians to do the same and humbly went to Red Rooster to celebrate after the Logies ceremony last night…

Hamish went and got Red Rooster after the Logies; truly a man of the people… Image Credit: @hamishblakeshotz

Overall, Hamish Blake is a top bloke and every Australian man should strive to be a little bit more like him…

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