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This $100 Toolbox Is The Coolest Handyman Essential We've Ever Seen

For the stylish handyman.

Every man needs a toolbox, and frankly, those plastic monstrosities from Home Depo are a piss poor excuse for a proper toolbox. This, Japanese made number from Toyo on the other hand, is a different story.

There is a fine art to curating everything inside the perfect bachelor pad. It needs to combine manliness, livability and your personal style all within an environment that allows you to relax and enjoy your ever so limited spare time. We all dream of having something epic like a wall-mounted supercar or a coffee table made from an old Ferrari V12, but the reality is that whilst awesome these things are completely unattainable to the normal man.

So, what’s a man to do when he wants to inject a touch of rugged, automotive and vintage style to his bachelor pad all on a budget? Well, you could get this epic $100 toolbox from Toyo. Made in Japan, the ‘Two Level Tool Box‘ is not only a place to keep your tools, but it’s also an iconic piece of design that symbolises your love for rugged and practical style. Fill it with an array of hammers, measuring tapes, twine, plyers and not only will this beautiful feat of engineering look good, but it will serve you well as a place to keep all of the essentials you use on a regular basis to keep the pad in check.

Toyo was founded after WWII in 1945 in Osaka, Japan and has been crafting high-quality tools and tyres ever since. Unlike most of the crap, you’ll find at hardware stores today, Toyo products are carefully designed and built to last a lifetime. Constructed from sheet steel, you’d be hard-pressed to break this toolbox in the coming century and its iconic fold-out design will look just as cool in 50 years as it does today, not to mention the bold blue paint job. Whether you’re looking for a small addition to your bachelor pad or simply need a place to store your hammer collection, it’s well worth taking a look at the Toyo Two Level Tool Box.

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