Hangovers Cure: Man Claims To Have Found After 10 Years

If you're not willing to drink in moderation, this could be the next best thing.

Unavoidable punishment. A righting of scales. Bodily revenge. Religious or not; hangovers are generally seen as your cosmic comeuppance.

Put simply: you swallowed Sunday’s happiness with Saturday’s tequila, and now you’re going to pay.

But before you stock up on Berocca and Gatorade, one man who spent 10 years ‘studying’ hangovers has some tips he would like to impart.

After having ‘tested’ everything from skydiving and ‘polar bear swims,’ to saline IV drips and pickled eggs (as well as classics like hair of the dog), author Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall has concluded that hangovers are best cured by a bunch of ingredients available in your local pharmacy.

As reported by The Guardian, “To prevent the hangover, Bishop-Stall will quaff – after drinking but before sleep – milk thistle, for the liver; the amino acid and immune system aid N-acetylcysteine; vitamins B1, B6 and B12, which boost metabolism; and that famous gift to Jesus, frankincense – an anti-inflammatory.”

He does not appear to promote a particular brand or product, however there are various pills of this description currently on the market. If you are in the US, Les Labs sells a popular hangover cure, while in Australia the up and coming brand seems to be Rejoove.

Chris Healy, Rejoove managing director told us, “We have invested a lot into our R&D to deliver what really is an innovative way to help relieve hangover related symptoms.”

New this year, Rejoove is now looking to introduce, “Australia’s first innovative Dual Formula… all-natural hangover remedy,” which, “Combines vitamins, herbs and amino acids to help relieve symptoms of occasional alcohol consumption,” to the public consciousness (and to the Christmas tree of your mulled-wine-obsessed uncle).

Rejoove includes a “drinking formula” and a “sleep formula.” The former is taken before or during your drinking session to boost your soon-to-be-required nutrient profile, the latter is taken after drinking, just before you go to sleep, and is designed to knock you out and reduce feelings of nausea.

As one brave soul over at The Urban List attests: “To be fair, there’s probably nothing known to Science that can protect a human being from red wine, champagne, sugary cocktails and a Tiki Badger all in the one night. But Rejoove did take the edge off.”

“I still woke up at 3am, but I was so completely pizzled on Milk Thistle that I passed out almost immediately.”

“I can’t say I was feeling daisy fresh,” the article continues, “But without Rejoove kicking my liver into gear I would have looked like something you dredge from a river homicide scene.”