Headboard Heaven: 5 Bed Head Do's & Don’ts

So you’ve just redecorated your bedroom. You bought new sheets, painted the walls, splashed out on some fancy memory foam pillows, and your bed sheets even match the pillowcases. However, there’s something you may have overlooked: the headboard.

Create a tempting bedscape for potential mates with the right headboard to suit your love nest. The following ideas will do more than orient your bed; they’ll turn a mediocre bed into an alluring space with tips on style, colour, size and texture.

#1 Material Boy



Bed heads upholstered in fabrics like suede, grasscloth, tweed and flax linen will make your bedroom appear more comfortable, cosy and inviting. Don’t forget to match your headboard to the rest of the room’s furnishings for a cohesive and well-rounded result.

When it comes to fabric patterns, the general rule of thumb that ‘less is more’ applies. Don’t be distracted by intricate designs and stick with solids or stripes.

You can’t go wrong with a classic tufted headboard. They are timeless, classic and add texture and depth to the setting.



For the gentleman looking for something a little more sleek and modern, forgo tufting and opt for smooth leather varieties. Not only will it be easy to keep clean, leather tends to last longer than most other fabrics and is always in style.



To create a rustic chic bedscape consider wooden headboards. Any type of wood will work; glossy and polished, weathered and reclaimed, even an old timber pallet or pieces of driftwood can constitute a stylish bed head.



Going for an industrial, minimalist approach? Metal is one way to make a statement. Metal headboards that use aged or treated materials are ideal while faux rusty metal will deliver a grungy, edgy finish to your bedroom.

#2 Shape and Style


Whatever material you decide on, remember that clean lines and sharp angles tend to look more masculine than curved designs.

Traditional shapes including peaked, bevelled and stepped bed heads look more appropriate in a masculine setting than arched or scalloped models. In fact, the simplest shapes often make the biggest impact, so never underestimate the power of an effortless rectangular design.

#3 Colour


The headboard is a perfect example of how a seemingly unimportant interior can add a touch of masculinity to the overall ambiance of the room.

Masculine interiors don’t have to be synonymous with dark, sombre tones and textures. Indeed, stark white headboards work well in industrial or minimalist settings.

Choose colours that will compliment blankets and sheets you use regularly or buy a new set of bedding to match the headboard. Likewise, take stock of your bedroom’s other furnishings to ensure the new bed head doesn’t clash and look out of place.

#4 Storage Hunters


Hide magazines, books and anything you wouldn’t want a potential bed buddy to see with storage headboards. There are countless varieties on the market, with hidden compartments and drawers big enough to hold extra pillows or blankets. The choice will ultimately depend on your storage needs and bedroom design (and size).

Storage headboards offer a contemporary substitute to daggy side tables and nightstands that remind you of mum’s place.

#5 When A Headboard Isn’t A Headboard


Not into any of the ideas suggested so far? Maybe you’re more of a DIY man, in which case a ‘non’ headboard could be right up your alley. Some guys sleep with the fishes by placing an aquarium at the head of the bed, while nautical buffs might like to nestle under the watchful gaze of a pair of antique rowing oars. A piece of art is another alternative to the traditional headboard.

A floating or built-in shelf roughly the same length of the bed head is clever way to add structure to the bed while gaining extra storage space.

The bedhead is the crown of the bed, and as its king you should choose the right shape, colour and material to suit your style.