Headspace Self Care: Video Highlights Importance Of Self Care

"The better we take care of ourselves, the better we're able to show up for the people around us."

Headspace Self Care: Video Highlights Importance Of Self Care

We all know mental health is important. But when we’re bludgeoned over the head with it by influencers who only care about jumping on the bandwagon and meme lords who compete to see who can make the most messed up joke, it’s easy to forget – especially whilst in isolation – what looking after our mental health is really all about: finding a good headspace.

On that note, mental health and meditation app Headspace has just released a video we could all do with watching. In fact, without over-egging the pudding (or over-stimulating you aspiring monks), we’d say it’s the most important thing you’ll watch today. So: put the triple baked banana bread Youtube masterclass on hold, and devote your eyeballs.

The video comes from Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe (a guy who, in his mid 20s, quit his Sports Science degree and trained to be a Buddhist monk – a ten-year journey which saw him ordained in the Himalayas – then returned to England to share the techniques with the masses, with the help of advertising guru – and the other Headspace co-founder – Rich Pierson).

In the video, Andy takes us through why it’s so important to keep up a healthy self care routine, especially in challenging times in your life (or as it may happen, in the world’s history): “There are times when we find it easy to follow them [mindfulness habits], and there are times when it’s more difficult,” Andy begins.

“When we’re over-worked, stressed, anxious… perhaps short on sleep, these tend to be the times when all those good habits slip away,” Andy continues.

“Ironically… it’s in those times we need them most.”

He then tells us that we shouldn’t feel guilty to carving out a chunk (or tidbit) of the day to ourselves, because in doing so you are actually benefiting those around you: “I know doctors and nurses who are taking time out of tragic situations to take time out to look after their mind.”

“The better we take care of ourselves, the better we’re able to show up for the people around us and … our community.”

So: do find a time in your day where you can pause. As Andy says, “whether it’s for 10 breaths or 10 minutes… actually practice some of these mindfulness tools.”

Intrigued? Check out the video and Headspace for various mental health tools that will help you find peace during the day, restful sleep at night, and even plan better your life.

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