Healthy Carbs That Won’t Destroy Your Gains

The rise of sweet potato fries.

So let’s get one thing clear first – carbs don’t make you fat. The science behind dieting is that any food can cause you to gain weight if you simply overeat – it just so happens that carbs are the easiest foods for us to indulge in (hello, french fries).

As strength conditioning coach Nils Hestermann told us recently, “even if you have healthy eating habits but you eat too much, it won’t have a beneficial effect in terms of body composition.”

This is because you’re consuming more energy than your body uses and this is what results in weight gain. Now with this little lesson out of the way, we’re going to tell you what high carb foods are healthy for you, with the help of NYT-awarded health and science journalist Max Lugavere.


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Lugavere starts by saying that carbs tend to get a bad wrap these days but they’re not all byproducts of Satan’s kitchen (a.k.a. Hell’s Kitchen).

“Some foods that are higher in carbs are quite healthy,” explains Lugavere in one of his latest Instagram post.

So what’s so special about these high carb foods he’s listed? Well they’re not actually carbs to begin with.

“They’re foods. The foods contain carbs, along with a plethora of health boosting compounds. They also interact with our gut bacteria to provide indirect health benefits.”

Lugavere goes on to explain that some of the world’s healthiest foods contain a nice mix of digestible carbs and digestion-resistant carbs known as fibre. Fibre, if you didn’t know, is an essential part of our diet as it supports positive gut health by keeping our bowel movements regular.

So let’s go through each of the six foods that Lugavere has listed.

  1. Blueberries: These little balls of fruity wonder can improve your brain cognition and promotes longevity
  2. Beetroots: Beets contain a high level of nitrate and are believed to be great for your brain’s blood vessels and sex organs
  3. Orange Sweet Potatoes: Beta Carotene found in these high carb foods are good for your brain and eyes
  4. Pomegranate: No, it’s not a kitchen bench top finishing. Pomegranate is believed to boost muscle function, endurance and brain activity
  5. Dark Chocolate: Now we’re talking. Dark chocolate is known to improve heart health via flavanols which can enhance cognitive and athletic performance
  6.  Purple Sweet Potatoes: No one loves cancer. Purple sweet potatoes are rich in anthocyanins which can help prevent colon cancer

And there you have it, a quick and simple guide to high carb foods that not only taste good but can also supplement your daily snack cravings whilst improving your overall health.

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