Heartwarming Moment ‘Qatar Royal’ Helps English Fan With His Headwear

"This is basically the Qatari equivalent of Prince William helping you windsor knot your tie."

Credit: @goalglobal

A heartwarming moment between two fans at the Qatar World Cup has shown how sport can bring people together. The moment involves an English fan struggling with his ghutra, and the “Qatari equivalent of Prince William” helping him “Windsor knot [his] tie.”

It’s a bit of a cliche to say that sport brings people together. But it really does. Case in point? The latest heartwarming footage to come out of the World Cup. Posted to TikTok by @goalglobal, the video purports to show Amir of Qatar’s brother helping an English fan with his ghutra during the England vs Iran match.

The English fan can be seen standing outside a box of fans, attempting to fold an English flag, while his ghutra sits not quite right on his head. The Amir of Qatar’s brother, as he is claimed to be in the video’s title, walks to the edge of the box and gestures to him.

The English fan smiles and walks over, allowing Amir of Qatar’s brother to fix up his headwear. The Amir of Qatar’s brother then walks away with a spring in his step, before coming back to help the second England fan.

WATCH: Amir Of Qatar’s Brother Helps English Fan With His Ghutra

At the end of the clip, the English fan’s friend, who was on his phone previously, then gets his ghutra fixed too (he appeared to have his on upside down). Commenters on TikTok were quick to heap praise (and jealousy) on the moment.

“This is basically the Qatari equivalent of Prince William helping you windsor knot your tie,” one said. Another wrote: “his little jump in his walk after he helped the first guy was absolutely adorable.”

“As far as I’m concerned they get really proud when you (properly) wear their attires so good on you,” said yet another. This was followed up with more love like: “Football fans love each other,” “Man, this has been my favorite moments from the game really” and “This is what its about!!”

Not everyone was convinced though, with one suggesting it might have been staged (“Go on comment this was fixed & told 2 do this due 2 media & Qatar is so inhuman,” they wrote).

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