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This $98 Watch Strap Will Give Any Timepiece A New Lease On Life

Horological hall pass.

For most of us, there is great initial excitement about a new watch, however, after months or years of use, the excitement inevitably dies down. No doubt there is nothing wrong with your current watch and no doubt it’s something special to you, but it just isn’t as exciting as it used to be. If this sounds like your own experience, it might be time to mix things up a little with a new strap and Hestrap’s Suede Pippen Strap might be the perfect option.

Made from a natural suede and available in four different colours, the Pippen strap will no doubt change the look of any timepiece – and most likely for the better. Most watches you’d encounter these days come with either leather, stainless steel or rubber strap, but don’t often come with a suede one. It’s strange to think that suede isn’t used more often as its distinct look adds a unique texture to the overall look of the watch that you can’t get from more clinical steel, leather or rubber bands. It’s casual, yet refined and has somewhat of a ‘cool’ quality to it, no doubt it will be super comfortable on wrist and will look stylish whatever you pair it with. 

With four colours to choose from, you’ll easily be able to find something that suits your watch. Their beige strap is perfect for summer or your next holiday, the dark green is the perfect choice for winter and the navy will suit almost any occasion perfectly. Priced at $98, you’re scoring yourself a quality item that will help you fall in love with your watch all over again.

Shop Hestrap Pippen Suede Strap $98

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