What Your Favourite Holiday Destination Says About Your Personality Type

Holiday Destinations Study

You’ve packed your bags and are anxiously awaiting the start of your next adventure. What’s in them? Is it a beach towel, shades, and your favourite Orlebar Brown swimshorts? Or is your luggage loaded with hiking boots and a Canada Goose parka? Studies report that your preferred holiday destinations are linked to your personality traits.

Whether you’re drawn to balmy beach life or rugged mountain living, your choice reflects parts of your core personality. Researchers call it “person-environment fit” – some personality traits are drawn to one environment, while other personality traits feel called to a different setting. More specifically, introverts prefer secluded, quiet places where they aren’t forced to interact with others. Extroverts, unsurprisingly, would rather holiday where they’re exposed to action and interaction.

So can you guess who’s headed to the beaches of Rio and who’s bound for the mountains of Patagonia?

Extroverts are more likely to vacation seaside, where socialising is encouraged, and introverts are more inclined towards the privacy of mountains and forests. Both destinations have similar traits to the assigned personality types. Mountains are secluded and facilitate deep thought and isolation, while beaches are places to see, be seen, hang out with friends, and chat up sexy strangers.

Whichever side of the coin you fall on, you may want to consider living near the ocean. A recent study found that proximity to visible blue space – but not green space – is a plus for your mental health.