Home Decorating Rules Every Man Should Be Able To Follow… Yes, Even You

Just the simple tips...

Updating your digs is not a lot different to updating your wardrobe. Depending on if you want to add a couple of key pieces or do a complete overhaul, it is a balancing act of your style, budget and lifestyle. Decorating doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task though. Here are some expert tips to start you thinking about your home interior.

The magic of monochrome

I adore the simplicity of black, grey and white. The classic monochrome scheme is a good starting point. It’s classic, clean, simple and you can’t go too wrong. I recommend purchasing big ticket items (lounge, storage, flooring etc) in these monochrome neutral colours.

Furniture is an investment and I’m a big believer in ‘you get what you pay for’. When going to the effort and expense of buying a piece of furniture, you generally intend to have it for years to come. With a blank canvas of neutrals, let the fun with colour begin.

Then add a little colour

You don’t have to be in primary school to have a favourite colour. We all have colour preferences and if you’re not sure what yours is, have a quick look at your clothes and see if there is a trend in what you buy. We generally wear colours we like.

Another way to figure out a colour palette is the process of elimination. What colours don’t you like? Everything goes with monochrome, but if you would like to play it safe on the colour front, select one of your favourites and use it in its different shades (Eg blue = powder blue, medium blue and navy).

Add colour to your home with smaller homeware products – lamps, cushions, bedspread and art. When it comes time to refurbish down the track, they are much easier items to update than a lounge is! Another simple way to introduce a few different colours into your space, is if you have a colourful artwork, pick some of the colours out (stick to about 3) and buy your homewares in this scheme. (Photo Credit: Mim Design)

Fill those empty walls

Too many empty walls can sometimes give a space a sterile feel. Art isn’t only for cashed up wheeling and dealing collectors. There are a lot of great options out there and it is another fantastic way to add interest to your home. My advice is to stick to original art if you can.

Many artists (established and up and coming) also produce limited edition prints of their work, which are a more cost-effective way to start building your collection. If you are handy with a camera, hit the streets and start shooting and frame your creativity! If photography is not your thing, perhaps you know someone in your network that will give or sell you some of their shots that you can print and frame.

Buy things that make you happy (no not, drugs)

Your home is your sanctuary and it should reflect your lifestyle and personality. Thought is put into every purchase you make, whether it be a new shirt, TV or car. We buy things because we like them. They make us happy.

Shopping for your home interior has the same principles. We are all attracted to different fashions, eras and colours, whether we realize it or not. Whatever style you like, it can be translated into the decoration of your home. Have a think about your hobbies, sports, interests, favourite fashion brands etc and introduce them in your own way.

It could be in the form of photography that you hang on the wall, beautiful coffee table books, vintage collectables or sculptural items. Remember, not everything in your home has to have a practical purpose. Decorative pieces are the things that add personality to your pad.

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