Honda's New Lawnmower Can Cut Grass At 160km/h [SUTMM #171]

When you need to cut your friend's grass in a hurry.

Pointlessly awesome. That’s the best way to introduce the uninitiated to the weird and wonderful world of Shut up & Take My Money, your weekly hit of tech and the coolest things borrowed money can buy.

Honda Mean Mower Mk.2

Firstly, this is not another aftermarket creation from some backyard monkey wrencher. This is an official product from Honda and its goal is to recapture the crown as the world’s fastest ride-on lawnmower. Why? Because…why not.

The original Mean Mower from Honda held the record as the world’s fastest lawnmower with a 186km/h top speed from 2014-2015. A Norwegian tuning company then tinkered with it and stole the title with a 214km/h mower. The Mk.2 sees this record coming back to Honda with a brand new lawnmower which can hit 216km/h. The gardening aid achieves this feat thanks to an engine lifted from a CBR1000RR Fireblade motorcycle. That means the mower packs 192hp and can also cut grass at up to 160km/h.

Why? See the above.


Gordon & MacPhail 1956 Private Collection

The 60-year-old Gordon and MacPhail bottle is a special batch of single malt scotch whisky. Bottled on January 3rd in 1956, it’s believed to be one of the last casks laid down by John Urquhart, a first-generation family member behind the Gordon & MacPhail whisky label.

After Urquhart’s retirement his son took over the business and kept the cask under wraps until the fourth generation of the Urquhart family made the move to bottle it. The resulting whisky is one that features notes of blueberry, fruitcake and dark chocolate.

Want a bottle? You’ll need to put out large. Only 53 decanters of the liquid gold will be made available from Gordon & MacPhail’s South Street retail store in Elgin, Scotland.

BUY £22,000

Urwerk AMC Master Clock

Forget what you know about timing precision. Urwerk have just created one of the most intimidating watch accessories on the market today. The Urwerk Atomic Master Clock is a modern interpretation of the Breguet Sympathique, a device designed to correct the accuracy of portable watches. Simply place the specially-designed Urwerk piece into the slot and it will be automatically rewound, set and balanced.

Moving it around will be an issue though since it’s made from a 25kg block of billet aluminium.


Mikol Marble Poker Cards

If you take your poker seriously then it’s time to invest in something worthy of your richly pursuits. Mikol have a new set of poker cards made entirely from thin slats of Negro Marquina marble. The cards wear a gorgeous black finish with white veins throughout, a natural finish of the material which has been mined in Spain’s Basque Country. From there they are hand sanded and laser etched with the appropriate suit design.

Once stacked in a deck the cards are no more than twice the thickness of a regular deck of cards – think of each one as a credit card. James Bond would be proud. Not so much your bank balance.

BUY $775

Killspencer Shattered Glass Indoor Basketball Kit

The designers over at Killspencer are at it again and this time it sees the release of a ring and backboard with a pre-shattered glass built in. The fusing technique comes complements of Judson Studios, a 120-year-old glass manufacturer who looked after the intricate process. The whole thing is polished off with a natural maple backboard complete with a lexan front, chrome rim and Killspencer’s signature leather netting.

Who said luxury and sport couldn’t play well together?

BUY $12,000

Japan: The Cookbook

Tokyo-philes and lovers of all things Japan now have a food bible. With everything from ramen to matcha desserts, Japan: the Cookbook is a comprehensive guide to recreating iconic Japanese dishes at home. Failing that, it just looks damn cool on any book shelf. Over 400 recipes are crammed into the pages thanks to food writer Nancy Singleton Hachisu – that means there’s no more excuses for downing peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.

BUY $45