Revealed: What It Costs To Spend A Week On A Super Yacht In The Mediterranean

Got $48,000 burning a hole in your pocket?

Revealed: What It Costs To Spend A Week On A Super Yacht In The Mediterranean

Image Credit: Charter World

Have you ever wondered what it costs to live on a luxury yacht? With the epicentre of the super yachting universe having shifted last year to Turkey (while Europe remained closed to the rich Oligarchs of Russia and the Middle East), and now having swung back in summer 2021 to Europe again, you might have found your Instagram feed inundated (again) with images of monied individuals living their best lives atop shiny white surfaces.

If seeing people flouncing around Monaco, St Tropez, and the like has got you wondering how much it would really cost to cast off from civilisation (and spend a summer living on a luxury yacht of your own), you’re in luck.

We recently spoke to Istanbul-based luxury yacht manager Candaş Balci, to ask what it costs to live on a luxury yacht or super yacht. While of course there are many ways of doing this (from becoming a billionaire and buying your own, to handing out CV’s at a dock and becoming a deckhand) and so the answer greatly varies, Candaş‘ thoughts below give you a general idea.

Luxury yachts are moared in the marina at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show on September 21, 2011 in Monaco, Monaco. The Monaco Yacht Show presents 500 exhibitors showcasing high-end world luxury yachting products and services. This years show will run from September 21-24, 2011. (Photo by Frederic Nebinger/Getty Images)

“For the costs of living on a superyacht, I can say that it really depends on the yacht, location you cruise and your lifestyle,” Candaş told DMARGE.

“But to have an estimated cost, I can show an example of charter yachts. We charge charter clients 30% of the rate of the weekly charter rate in advance as APA (Advance Provisioning Advance). This could be less or more during the charter, but generally, it is an average expense of the guests.”

“This includes yacht’s fuel expenses, marina berth fees (if any) food and beverages. So if you charter a yacht around 35 metre in the Mediterranean, let’s say a weekly rate is 100.000 euro, your weekly expense will be around 30.000 euros [AUD $48,628].”

Got it? Good. All you have to do now is earn the money in the first place…

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