Incredible Video Shows How A 511ft Super Yacht Is Moored

No pressure.

Incredible Video Shows How A 511ft Super Yacht Is Moored

Image Credit: The Market Herald

Have you ever found yourself parallel parking on a busy street, only to suddenly find your hands shaking and your patience waning? Well, imagine the same thing, but with thousands of tonnes of metal under your grasp.

Intrigued? If you’ve ever wished to see how a 511 ft superyacht is moored, look no further than this video, which shows an absolutely gigantic vessel casually pulling up to Barcelona and being moored.

Watch how a 511ft superyacht is moored in the video below

The video was taken by Instagram account @marinaportvell, and was shared on Instagram by account @boatinternational, with the following caption:

“Hello 156 metre Dilbar… 👀”

“With a total interior volume of over 15,000 GT, Dilbar is the largest yacht in the world by gross tonnage, if not by length. She was built in steel and aluminium by @luerssenyachts to a design by @espen.oeino.”

“Hope to see it somewhere,” one Instagram user wrote. Another follower of the channel replied: “This vessel is often to see in the port Vauban of Antibes, France. It’s the only Harbour on the French Rivera where vessels of this size are able to anchor. Good luck.”

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Another claimed the ‘yacht’ is owned by a Russian multi billionaire called Alisher Usmanov (“some people build or buy ships and call them yachts…😃”).

Not everyone was stoked though. Various followers of the account criticised this Khubla Khan kind of monument. One called it “F***ing senseless,” while another labelled it “a symbol of our demise as a species.”

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“Putin’s wallet bought this,” griped another.

“It’s disgusting this thing exists for one person.”

Some hit back with comments like: “born a jealous man will always stay a jealous man.”

On a more positive note, Marina Port Vell – the port in Barceloa where this vessel can be seen mooring, has also taken to Instagram with an explanation for why such vessels might choose Port Vell as their temporary home.

“In #MarinaPortVellBarcelona it’s sunny in summer, and sunny in winter. Who wouldn’t feel confused? This amaizing weather conditions make our marina the safest mooring choice all year round,” the Marina Port Vell account wrote last week.

Talk about FOMO

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