Foolproof Tips & Tricks For Buying Menswear When You Hate Shopping

Get in and get out, that's it

Need some beginner fashion tips? Look no further. When we were kids, most of us wore whatever happened to be clean. Day in, day out. This usually entailed a hyper-colour t-shirt and some parachute shorts. As adults we no longer have any excuses for leaving the house in a less than well groomed & impeccably styled manner.

Whether you are time poor or low in expendable income these are some of the best buying tips to help you put together a sharp and stylish wardrobe. Remember that all the money in the world can’t buy you style. Did somebody say Donald Trump?

Know Your Colours

Before you even think about buying anything, it’s worth spending time figuring out what colours suit you. Take into consideration your skin tone, eyes & hair colour then make sure you use these options as a general rule. Trust me, it helps narrow down most of what you don’t need. Here’s a few tips on choosing the best colours for you.

Know Your Size & What Suits Your Shape

We all come in different shapes and sizes, this is nothing new. Knowing what size shoe or jacket you are can save you countless hours when trawling through racks. Be realistic, just because you like skinny jeans, doesn’t mean they are going to suit you. Stick to fits that complement your build. (Learn more about dressing your body shape here… or dressing the dadbod.)

Set A Budget & Stick To It

Best Business ShirtsHowever big or small, a budget should always be set when shopping. Retail staff are there to help you, but their job is to get the most amount of cash out of your pocket. So be firm and know when enough is enough. If you’re a bit light on cash then we recommend read our feature on shopping if you’re a tight ass.

Pick When You Go Shopping 

Peace and quiet is a rare commodity. On the off chance you get a day off during the week, it’s worth using it to do your shopping. Not only are there no crowds but you can generally get the undivided attention of sales staff at your disposal. Better still you can find a better range and often price if you shop online. Here’s a few online menswear retailers which should help.

Stick To Brands You Know & Like

For the guys who have no time to even think about shopping, try to stick to the brands that you know will fit you and of course like their product. Once you know what you are looking for, it’s an easy task to go in and ask: “do you have a slim fit black shirt in size 15?” Unsure of what brands you like? Read up on the best menswear brands from the UK or Australia.