The Playbook For The Modern Man

How To Get The ‘Careless Style’ Of The World’s Most Fashionable Men

“Don’t obsess over how your clothes sit.”

Gone are tuxedos and dress shoes: today fashion is all ‘gaudy sneakers and skinny jeans’. Right? Or, even if that is a slight exaggeration, things have definitely shifted more towards mixing ‘ugly’ with ‘sleek’.

And in this day and age, being able to discern how much flair to put into your outfit when your shoes are already quite flashy (or vice versa) is as important to the modern man as the ‘rule of thirds’ was to Da Vinci.

Anyway: who better to demonstrate this concept than a selection of the world’s most stylish men?

From Jeff Goldblum and Michael B. Jordan to Mariano Di Vaio and Luca Calvani (plus the mad Italian playboy Mr Gianluca Vacchi), here are the top eight habits of men who flaunt what they want with abandon — and still look good.

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What To Wear


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As Reggaeton loving Instagram sensation Gianluca Vacchi reveals, you will never be a Fashion Maverick by following the status quo.

Learn How To Mix Ugly With Sleek


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As Streetwear Gramps and Kanye West prove, this is the key to mastering ‘edgy’ streetwear style, without looking like you are about to mug someone. Think about it: this look would not work with straight-y 180 jeans, and it would be tasteless if the shirt was ripped too. In other words: balance is key.

Throw Your Belt In The Trash


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You might need it for super formal occasions, but as Luca Calvani shows, if you know your stuff you can get away with going for the more chic minimal look most of the time.

Use Small Accessories To Spice Up A Plain Look


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Whether it’s a watch, a necklace, or even a ring, if you do it right, it is always possible to level up your outfit without looking like a blinged up pirate.

Don’t Obsess Over Where Or How Your Clothes Sit On You


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It reeks insecurity to be fiddling with your clothes in public. Once you step out the door wear your clothes with confidence and allow them to swing where the wind takes them.

Know When Enough Is Enough


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This move was risky (if his hat had been zebra patterned too, it would have looked horrific). But, using this technique, Jeff Goldblum pulled it off.

Go Against The Grain


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As long as you look like you’ve made a conscious decision (as opposed to having nothing else to wear) then going against the grain can score you major style points. While the jacket above would have been worn with a pair of skinny jeans by 99% of guys worldwide, going for the baggier (but still tailored) look is a bold and effective choice.

Colour Co-Ordinate With Care


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If you have one bold block of colour (like orange) then allow it to shine — don’t add other pesky brightness to your look.

Further habits of stylish men include:

  • Using suncream (keep yourself young).
  • Getting regular haircuts and beard trims.
  • Changing your razor cartridge regularly.
  • Changing your toothbrush regularly.
  • Visiting a dermatologist.
  • Following quality inspiration on Instagram.
  • Avoiding the hot air setting of the hairdryer.
  • Not using dodgy cologne.
  • Shampooing less and conditioning more.

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