How To Park A $50 Million Superyacht Like A Boss

All your questions about parking a superyacht, answered.

How To Park A $50 Million Superyacht Like A Boss

Parking a $50 million superyacht should be a doddle. Especially with all that fancy technology. But human skill is still needed, a video out of Monaco recently showed.

If the thought of reverse parallel parking into a car space in front of a crowded cafe fills you with dread, don’t buy a superyacht. Why do we say that? Check out the following video.

The video, posted by Instagram user mygenemachine, shows captain Chief Officer Tom expertly pulling into Monaco with an Amels 180 yacht (right next to another Amels 180 yacht). A quick Google search shows Amels 180 yachts go for prices from 35,000,000 euros to 42,000,000 euros (i.e. in the AU $50 million + range).

Watch Chief Officer Tom Show You How To Park A $50 Million Superyacht

In the video, Chief Officer Tom can be seen backing into his spot at the port, by the looks of things with the help (or at least the added security) of a little zodiac zipping around in the background (perhaps feeding him information). Buoys can also be seen on the side of the other yacht, for added protection, we presume.

Comments on the video. Source: Instagram.

The yacht gets parked successfully, in the end. That didn’t stop many Instagram commenters from wondering about all the possible ways parking a superyacht could go wrong. One asked: “Seems difficult since he can’t see the entire other side of the boat?!”

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mygenemachine replied: “There’s a crew member on the stern calling distances to him on the radio.”

Another asked about the pressure of parking a superyacht: “Would he feel an extra layer of pressure/nervousness with eyes watching from yacht he’s pulling up to? Or does that feeling go away after time?” @mygenemachine said for Tom it was no big deal: “Not at all! Tom loves the attention.”

Others simply chimed in with the first thoughts that came to mind: “The saying ‘hold my beer’ comes to mind.”

“Well done mate … nothing feels better than landing clean on fenders.”

“Good job….making it look easy!!” another said.

Others pointed out there are much tougher moves to wrangle: “Would be interesting to see him dock between TWO yachts!” one said. “Open side is like docking at a bulkhead.”

We’ll leave that one for next time.

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